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By Keith Connolly on August 09, 2011

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So let's say you have a lot of iPhone, Android, or other smart-phone traffic.  One of the things I'm asked a lot more than I should is this: how do I call a phone number via a hyper-link <a>.  It's actually really simple.  For those who don't know we can already send e-mails using the mailto: hyper-link directive.  

To send an e-mail you do this:

<a href="mailto:youremail@yourdomain.tld">E-mail me!</a>

It's really easy to do. Similarly we can do the SAME thing but with phone numbers. We use the :tel directive instead. The best part of it is almost all smart-phones will allow this to call a number or at least open the dialer and type the number in for you. Heck, even some dumb-phones support this.

<a href="tel:5553334444">Call me!</a>


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