Zombiegone: Update

By Keith Connolly on December 09, 2010

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Zombiegone has been on the app store for about 2 weeks now. We've had one patch for some font fixes and our first content patch is coming. So what can we expect in the future of the game?

First off we can expect more levels.
Early in the development of Zombiegone it was decided that a story should be told -- without words. A simple narrative of your progress through our zombie ridden world. Current with only a single level Zombiegone has a lot of growth room for locations! In patch 1.1 you will see level 2 and 3 in the game. Level 2 is the beginning of a trek through a forest. After leaving the graveyard you, as the hero, move on through the forest heading towards civilization. In level three you near a small city as you search for answers and, of course, more zombies to bonk.

You can expect more zombies.
We have plans for other zombies namely we have a female zombie in a formal dinner gown. We will also be finding zombies who once were construction workers, policemen, and more.

That's about the main points of version 1.1. There's a few other special additions that might be able to make it into the patch. This isn't it though! We have plans for more patches after this one that'll add even more content. From new gameplay modes to new levels and zombies. Zombiegone is far from over!

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