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By Keith Connolly on July 20, 2011

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Today at 10pm on ABC 15 (KNXV-TV) I will be on a segment about hacking and security.  My experience recording the segment was quite nice.  It took a bit of time but was an easy process and Kirk Yuhnke who interviewed me made the process quite enjoyable (the camera man, whos' name I forgot, was also a really nice guy).  Please take a few moments if you can and check that out.  I'm pretty excited to see how I did.  Oh, I also did a live hacking (basic SQLi) demonstration that keyframed the interview. 

The demo site was made with PHP and was hosted locally using MAMP PRO on my new Macbook Pro.  The site was specifically made without a few security features, which are commonly left out by developers, to demonstrate how easily a low-level hacker could attack even the largest of targets just by exploiting a few weak points.  

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